White Heaven
『Electric Cool Acid』cassette tape (1988) private
『Out』cassette tape (1989) promo only, diff recordings than later LP
『Out』LP(1991)P.S.F. Ltd.500
『Out』LP (2020) Black Editions USA Gold vinyl/Black vinyl
『Strange Bedfellow』LP(1993)P.S.F.Ltd.700
『Strange Bedfellow』LP(2023)Black Editions USA
『Next To Nothing』CD(1994)Noon Disk Ltd.1000
『Electric Cool Acid』CD(1995)Noon Disk Ltd.1000
『Next To Nothing』LP(1996)Noon Disk Ltd.250
『Levitation』LP(1997)The Now Sound USA Ltd.700 (original)
『Levitation』LP (2006) Euro bootleg reissue Ltd.300
『Levitation』CD (2007) Euro bootleg reissue Ltd.500
『Levitation』remastered edition 2021 5xfile Pedal Records (2021)
『Electric Cool Acid』remastered edition 7xfile Pedal Records(2022)
『Live In Tokyo 1996』9xfile Pedal Records (2022)
『Threshold Of The Pain / 4 Hours (In The Afternoon) 』7″EP(1994)H.G.Fact
『Tokyo Flashback Vol.1』CD (1991) P.S.F. 2LP (2017) Black Editions USA
『The Misanthropic Dufflecoat EP』(1992) Ptolemaic Terrascope UK
『Tokyo Flashback Vol.2』CD (1992) P.S.F.
『Tokyo Flashback Vol.3』CD (1993) P.S.F.
『Audible Rumbles Vol.1』CD (1996) Ptolemaic Terrascope UK, 「Gravity」recorded live in Brussels
『Tokyo Flashback Vol.5』CD (2005) P.S.F.
『Tokyo Flashback P.S.F.』4LP(2019)/2CD(2017) Black Editions USA

The Stars
『Will』CD(2004)Pedal Records
『Perfect Place To Hideaway』LP/CD(2005) Pedal Records LP limited edition 500 copies
『Live In Kyoto 2006』(2020) 9xfile Pedal Records
『Today』CD(2001)P.S.F. 4 track EP first edition 1000 comes in mini-LP paper sleeve+obi

『For You/Lemon』2 track single cassette tape a la Ballet Mechanic (1980) Vision Label
『4 Hours In The Afternoon』 6 track cassette tape al la Ballet Mechanic (1982) Living End LIV2
『Passivité』CD(1997) Creativeman Disc/Pedal Records
『formula』LP/CD (2020) Zelone Records Zel-021(LP)Ltd.660 plastic sleeve /022(CD)
『Iwayuru Yuya』CD (2016)The Darling & Honey Aid Benefit Album limited edition 500 copies
『WE LOVE Hair Stylistics!』(2023) Masaya Nakahara benefit album (digital)

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